All-new 1969 Camaro Body Now Available from CARS Inc.


Rochester, Mich. – One of the most difficult parts of a classic Chevy build is often finding a decent car to start with. CARS Inc. was the first company to create and sell all-new, complete bodies for 1955 and 1957 Chevy cars, and the company is proud to now offer all-new 1969 Camaro bodies!

Starting with a new body can save time and money in your rebuild, and it can result in a better finished car compared to repairing rusty metal – replacing floor pans, quarter panels, trunk floor and other components – in a less-than-solid original Camaro. If you don’t have a car to start with, this new body will give you a solid foundation at a price competitive with purchasing a used Camaro that may or may not need significant sheetmetal work.

CARS Inc. has been helping enthusiasts with restoration sheetmetal and interior components since 1976, so they understand the challenges faced when working with old, rusted steel. This 1969 Camaro body is fully assembled in the U.S. from over 60 major components, all of which are brand new. The roof, doors, quarters and trunklid are all stamped from 18-gauge steel. Bodies are available as body skeletons or skinned and assembled from the firewall back. If you order an assembled body, the doors and trunklid will be fitted to the body with a fit and finish that meets or exceeds the original quality.

Each body is carefully assembled using factory-type, water-cooled spot welds with a jig and fixtures developed from unrestored vehicles. The body is complete with the doors installed and aligned properly and the dash is in place. As for details, the windshield and rear glass studs are welded in that secure the finish molding, as well as factory style drip rails. Even the headliner retaining wires and clips are supplied.

The new ’69 Camaro bodies are available from CARS Inc. in a couple options, based around the firewall and rear wheelwells. The Camaro bodies are available with a stock heater firewall, an air conditioning firewall or a heater delete option. You can also choose from stock rear wheelwells or plan ahead and order a body with mini tubs so your Camaro can accept a tire up to 13 inches wide.

The bare Camaro body shell starts at $9,000 while an assembled body costs $13,000, including the roof, drip rails, quarter panels, trunklid and doors installed and aligned. Front fenders and the hood are available separately from CARS Inc., as well as interior, trim and just about any other components you’ll need to complete your all-new 1969 Camaro.

For additional information, please visit or call 800-CARS-INC (U.S. and Canada), 800-451-1955 (California location) or 248-853-8900 (international sales).

CARS Inc. is a manufacturer of reproduction sheetmetal, interiors and components for classic Chevy cars and trucks. The company has invested in tooling to make some of the best replacement sheetmetal available anywhere, and CARS Inc. makes its products in the U.S.! The interiors are sewn with attention to craftsmanship and detail, and the work is done in the company’s Rochester, Michigan, facility. No company uses higher-quality or more accurate materials in its reproduction interiors. CARS Inc. also stocks and sells an impressive variety of reproduction components as well as performance and popular custom components. Catalogs are available for the ’51-’72 full-size Chevy car, ’55-’57 Chevrolet, ’62-’76 Nova, ’64-’80 El Camino, ’64-’77 Chevelle, ’67-’76 Camaro, ’70-’72 Monte Carlo and ’57-’97 GM truck models.

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