New Smooth Firewalls Are Now Available for 1955-1957 Chevys from CARS Inc.


CARS Inc., the leading manufacturer of classic Chevy reproduction sheetmetal and interiors, is proud to announce two new smooth firewall options for tri-five Chevy owners. These allow car-builders to achieve a custom-looking, smooth finish on the firewall without filling countless original holes and fixing issues in the old firewall.

Part number 24279 is a weld-in replacement firewall for 1955 and 1956 Chevrolet cars. Made from factory gauge, modern alloy steel, this one-piece firewall comes complete with the correct factory contours, bends and shapes so it matches the original, but it only has the holes punched for mounting the fenders, hood hinges and dimmer switch, saving fabricators and builders valuable time usually expended in welding up the factory holes for the heater inlet/outlet, blower fan and more. Because of its precision design, installation of this new firewall is a straight-forward, and can typically be completed in a weekend without major fabrication or modification. It also includes the toe board area, so you don’t have to splice it in with your current toe boards or replacement panels. This complete firewall has a suggested retail price of $559.

Part number 22746 (for 1955-1956 Chevys) and 22747 (for 1957 Chevys) is a two-piece kit that welds over the top of the factory firewall to achieve a smooth appearance. The new, smooth panels have relief details for rigidity, and have minimal holes needed for fender attachment, hood hinges, steering column and brake master cylinder mounting. The panels are a made from thick, factory-like gauge sheetmetal. These two-piece kits have a suggested retail price of $249.95.

For additional information, please visit or call 800-CARS-INC (US and Canada), 800-451-1955 (California location) or 248-853-8900 (international sales).

CARS Inc. is a manufacturer of reproduction sheetmetal, interiors and components for classic Chevy cars and trucks. The company has invested in tooling to make some of the best replacement sheetmetal available anywhere, and CARS Inc. makes its products in the U.S.! The interiors are sewn with attention to craftsmanship and detail, and the work is done in the company’s Rochester, Michigan, facility. No company uses higher-quality or more accurate materials in its reproduction interiors. CARS Inc. also stocks and sells an impressive variety of reproduction components as well as performance and popular custom components. Catalogs are available for the ’51-’72 full-size Chevy car, ’55-’57 Chevrolet, ’62-’76 Nova, ’64-’80 El Camino, ’64-’77 Chevelle, ’67-’76 Camaro, ’70-’72 Monte Carlo and ’57-’97 GM truck models.

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