Restoration Sheetmetal

  • CARS Inc. Celebrates 40 Years in Business, Making the Best Interiors and Sheetmetal for Classic Chevy Cars and Trucks

    The arrival of 2016 heralds several anniversaries important to classic Chevy enthusiasts. It marks the 60th anniversary of the 1956 Chevrolet, the 50th anniversary several great 1966 Chevy models and the 40th anniversary of CARS Inc. selling the best restoration parts, interiors, pieces and accessories for classic Chevy cars and trucks.

    From humble beginnings as a purveyor of forgotten N.O.S. parts and pieces purchased from dealership parts departments, CARS Inc. quickly moved into manufacturing in addition to reselling.

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  • American Made Restoration Sheetmetal: Thicker, More Accurate and Better

    What sets CARS Inc. U.S.-made reproduction sheetmetal apart from the competition? Quality of the actual stamping? Correct factory gauge steel? Every bend, cut, notch, curve, and radius being as exact to the original GM sheetmetal as possible? The correct answer is all of the above!

    When you see "Made in the USA" on your CARS Inc. replacement or reproduction sheetmetal, you know it will fit right, look like the factory and carry the quality worth being made in America.

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