CARS Inc. Celebrates 40 Years in Business, Making the Best Interiors and Sheetmetal for Classic Chevy Cars and Trucks

The arrival of 2016 heralds several anniversaries important to classic Chevy enthusiasts. It marks the 60th anniversary of the 1956 Chevrolet, the 50th anniversary several great 1966 Chevy models and the 40th anniversary of CARS Inc. selling the best restoration parts, interiors, pieces and accessories for classic Chevy cars and trucks.

From humble beginnings as a purveyor of forgotten N.O.S. parts and pieces purchased from dealership parts departments, CARS Inc. quickly moved into manufacturing in addition to reselling.

The company specializes in making factory-correct reproduction interior sets and replacement sheetmetal. All of the product that CARS Inc. manufactures is made in the USA.

There is no better source for seat covers, door panels, headliners and other interior parts for your classic Chevy. CARS Inc. uses materials made exclusively for them that are thicker and more pliable than inexpensive materials from overseas. The material is sewn together using patterns that CARS Inc. has created over decades from original interior components.

CARS Inc. sheetmetal is made in the USA. It is the most accurate and best fitting replacement sheetmetal you can buy for classic Chevy cars and trucks. It is at least as thick as the original metal it is designed to replace. In addition to standard patch panels, CARS Inc. offers complete hood and trunk lids for early Chevy cars, full quarter panels for many models and completely assembled replacement floors.

The celebration of the company’s 40 years in business will be celebrated at both CAR Inc. Open House events this year. The Open House at the company’s Rochester, Michigan, headquarters and manufacturing facility will be June 4, 2016, from 8:30am to 3pm. The event at the California store will be on August 7, 2016, from 8:30am until 1pm. Both events are free to show your car and attend, and there will be give-aways, great music and free food!

For additional information, please visit or call 800-CARS-INC (U.S. and Canada), 800-451-1955 (California location) or 248-853-8900 (international sales).

CARS Inc. is a manufacturer of reproduction sheetmetal, interiors and components for classic Chevy cars and trucks. The company has invested in tooling to make some of the best replacement sheetmetal available anywhere, and CARS Inc. makes its products in the U.S.! CARS Inc. also stocks and sells an impressive variety of reproduction components as well as performance and popular custom components. Catalogs are available for the 1951-1972 full-size Chevy car, 1955-1957 Chevrolet, 1962-1976 Nova, 1964-1980 El Camino, 1964-1977 Chevelle, 1967-1976 Camaro, 1970-1972 Monte Carlo and 1957-1997 GM truck models.

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  • Is the 1955 two door sedan made by cars inc or purchased from a overseas manufacturer?

    • We sell two versions of 1955 sedan quarter panels. Part numbers 16790 and 16791 which include the section of metal around the rear quarter window, are imported. Part numbers 13160 and 13161 we proudly make in the USA! You can see them all here:

  • Do you make in the usa front fenders for 1957 chevy Bel Air Thank Craig

    • Unfortunately, no one makes reproduction front fenders for the 1957 Chevrolet in the USA, not even us. We do sell the best quality fenders for these cars that we could find (part number 11204 for the lefthand and 11205 for the righthand side), but they are made off-shore.


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