Water pump routing and distributor 1998 5.7 with edelbrock 2116

16Mar 2018
What is the correct hose routing on water pump for vortec 5.7 being installed in 87 r10 and what is the correct distributor Year to use with a carb

20Mar 2018
Mr Bowtie
Make sure you get a distributor with a melonized gear to match the roller camshaft in your Vortec 5.7 liter engine, otherwise the cam gear and distributor gear will wear out fast. Production 5.7 Vortec's used a computer for distributor advance and retard. Sounds like you want a mechanical advance/retard with your carburetor. If so, you will want a distributor with a vacuum advance attached to it for street driving. Call Jegs in Ohio at 1 800 345 4545 for a new distributor. Tell them exactly which year your Vortec is. You didn't mention which year your engine is. For example the LT1 from the 1993 to 1995 Camaro used a reverse cooled water pump.

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