57 Chevy heater control face lens replacement p/no 8084

16Jun 2017
Johnny Gardener
Hi Guys first time on this site, hoping someone can tell me how to change the heater fascia control arm on my 1957 Belair (Cars Inc part number 8084) face lens please? It looks hard enough just to change a blown bulb let alone the face lens. I have removed the chrome heater control dash plate that's held on by 4 chrome screws, the heater control assembly is now loose inside the dashboard but I still cannot see how the lens face comes out to fit a new face. Thanks for any help. Johnny G

24Jun 2017
Johnny Gardener UK
Seeing as I got no replys , which is strange for a TRI CHEVY site, I went ahead and sorted it out all by myself! The whole heater arm unit has to come out to change the lens cover face. It took me about two hours from start to finish including removing the steering wheel as its impossible to crawl underneath the dash as it gets in the way, I also removed the brake pedal clevis pin and secured the brake pedal down to the floor to give me extra room. I enjoyed doing this job so much that if I had to do it again I could do it in half the time. Shame no other guys had ever changed this part! But now you all know.

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