1957 chevy 4 door

24Feb 2017
fred haris
is it possible to turn a 1957 4 door into a convertible

25Feb 2017
Jaime Herreros v.
Estimados necesito el catalogo con las piezas para la conversión.
28Feb 2017
Mr Bowtie
Yes, you can turn a 1957 four door hardtop into a convertible. It is better if you start with a 1957 four door sedan as the sedan shares the same cowl as the convertible. Call us at 1 800 CARS INC to order the doors, quarter panels, folding convertible top mechanism and related parts. Your 1957 Chevrolet convertible interior can be made to look just like the original or we also offer a custom leather interior. All of the rubber weather stripping, wiring harness and moldings are available also.

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